Glow Branding Solutions
Making Brands Glow and Business Grow


Branding is one of the most important characteristics of any organization, whether it is large or small, profitable or charitable, retail or B2B. At Glow, we understand that you cannot be all things to all people, so we do the research to assess the needs, habits, challenges and aspirations of your current and prospective customers. Then we help you identify your organizations strengths and the problems you solve for that target audience. Finally, we develop communications strategies that appeal to your customer base and drive them out through targeted channels, where we know your audience can be reached.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is all about an organization’s relationship with its target audience. It is a promise to consistently provide a level of service and/or quality of product stakeholders can count on. Delivering on that promise keeps customers happy and builds continued confidence in the brand.

While the overall concept of branding is intangible, it can be concretely illustrated through visual identity with elements like logo, font, color palette, templates, style of images, composition, print and digital designs, social media graphics and web design. It uses these tangible elements to tell a business’ story and engage the target audience.

When both the tangible and intangible elements of corporate branding are working together, feelings of trust, loyalty and partnership are evoked in the customer.

Personal Branding

Personal branding allows you to carefully marry your career experience with your personal expertise in order to be seen as a thought leader in the industry in which you serve. At Glow, we know that your work speaks for itself, and while everyone at your company may know what a rock star you are, if you want to expand into speaking and consulting in your industry, you must have a personal brand. We can help you creat and manage that brand, leading  you to new and exciting opportunities.

Crisis Management

As experts who specialize in creating and maintaining brand reputations, we are often called upon for advice and guidance during a crisis situation. We understand how to shift public perception with careful messaging and strategic media campaigns. We are adept at aligning individuals and organizations with the best approach to monitor and overcome public predicaments.