Glow Branding Solutions
Making Brands Glow and Business Grow

Design & Development

Brand Standard Guidelines

We build brand standard guidelines for organizations to use as a resource for how a brand should be used and represented. These guidelines typically include basic information such as the brand’s history, vision, personality and key values, as well as visual components like logo, color palette and fonts. At Glow, we take it a step further to include an elevator pitch, product summaries and key messaging.

Website Design & Development

We design and develop websites to best represent your brand and compliment your other marketing activities. The responsive websites we are produce are beautiful, yet functional and can be customized for any special needs your organization may have, including shopping carts, membership portals, event registration and payment gateways.

Print Collateral

We develop a collection of marketing materials for you to use to communicate your brand messages. Printed collateral can be used as leave behinds with clients, distributed at events or used as guideline during presentations. Our families of printed collateral support your brand messaging and clearly illustrate your products and services.

Digital Collateral

Much like printed materials, digital collateral is a family of digital materials that can be used to communicate your brand message online and through all social networks. We develop digital materials, including branded content, videos, product catalogs, customized emails, presentation templates, newsletters, magazines, ads, dedicated product promotions and more.


We design infographics as graphic presentations of complex information. The graphic presentation by nature breaks the infomation into bite size, easily digestable parts that are easy to understand. Infographics are a great compliment to presentations, articles and blog post and can be used as a sort of summary for these other teaching and communication methods. 

Ad Campaigns

We create striking sets of advertisements that illuminate your brand messaging. These ad campaigns  help build brand awareness and drive sales of products and/or services.