Glow Branding Solutions
Making Brands Glow and Business Grow

Research & Strategy

Keyword Search

Choosing the best keywords and strategically placing them throughout your website significantly increases your chance of being found by search engines and shared with  potential customers. We help you identify these keywords and carefully position them on their websites.

Brand Discovery

Need to develop a brand from scratch or do a full brand overhaul? We will work to get to know your business and determine exactly who you are targeting, what makes you different from your competitors and your vision for the future. Armed with this important information we will build a brand for you that accentuates your organizations strengths and successes.

Digital Metrics & Analysis

At Glow, we carefully measure and track the performance of your marketing campaigns. We identify key performance indicators to determine your targets and goals and measure performance based on those values..

Competitor Research & Analysis

Competitor research and analysis is a critical part of every marketing strategy. We perform comprehensive competitor analyses to assess their strengths and weaknesses determine what situations may provide an opportunity for them and those that may become a threat to them. Find situations which are likely to become a threat for them as well.

Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Marketing plans provide a detailed roadmap of all your marketing strategies, tactics, activities, costs and projected results over a period of time. This detailed document lays out all of the actions that your business needs to take in order to achieve its marketing objectives. We create comprehensive marketing plans containing calculated strategies to achieve your business growth and profit objectives..

Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Social Media Plans

We create deliberate Social Media Plans based on your social media strategy. These plans include a carefully thought out content calendar, performance tracking and room for some flexibility if unforseen events come up and need to be addressed on social media. Each post we create  is designed in advance to maximize engagement and promote your brand messaging.

Leveraging Partnerships

Need help finding partners to who offer services to compliment your own? We can help you find them and negotiate an arrangement that is a win/win for both parties.